Context2 AI

1. Our Policies

1.1. Responsible for treatment

CONTEXT 2 LTDA is responsible for processing personal data for the purpose of providing the services mentioned in section 3 of our privacy policy. We are based at Avenida Engenheiro Luiz Carlos Berrini, 550, 4th floor, cj 41, Cidade Monções, São Paulo-SP, CP 100.
CONTEXT 2 LTDA remains committed to complying with the provisions of the General Personal Data Protection Law (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais, Brazilian Law nº 13.709/2018), which regulates the processing of personal data in Brazil.

1.2. Cookieless

Context 2 does not use cookies to track or store information about users. This means we respect your privacy, ensuring that your web browsing activities remain private. With technology, installing cookies and other tracking devices that are installed on your device becomes unnecessary. The solution collects data on the URL, title of the article and the context of the content that the browser is accessing at that moment, to offer advertising related to the content that was previously analyzed by our AI.

1.3. Our technology

Our artificial intelligence is constantly learning and evolving to ensure you receive relevant and useful ads, while always respecting your privacy. Context 2 processes information without identifying the user with their sensitive data (such as name, surname, CPF, address, email, etc.), offering relevant information according to the content you access. To do this, Context2 identifies some information such as:
  • Browsers and their versions;
  • Types of devices (mobile, desktop or tablet);
  • Operating system (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc.);
  • Approximate location (city, country);
  • Interaction with ads (views, clicks, etc.).

2. User security and privacy

2.1. Information collected

Context 2‘s technology does not collect or store any sensitive user data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) interprets the URL, title and content of the page that the user is accessing in real time, to generate relevant digital advertising that is in line with the interests expressed by the user at that given moment.

2.2. Data collected indirectly

Cookies are installed on your devices for websites to record user activities. Context 2 uses a completely cookieless online advertising technology, that is, without the use of cookies. The technology interprets three levels of information, as explained in 1.2.

2.3. Legal legitimacy for data processing

We strictly adhere to Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) guidelines. We are committed to maintaining a safe, transparent and privacy-respecting advertising environment, ensuring that our advertisements are always honest, fair and appropriate to the content of the page. We do not capture any sensitive user information, nor do we collect your cookies. The ads you see are based solely on the content of the page you are visiting, not your browsing history or personal data.

2.4. Data transfer

Our innovative ad technology is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It analyzes and adapts the personalization of the ad banner to the contextual content of the page where it is displayed, making advertising more relevant and effective for you. This smart technology allows us to deliver high-quality advertising without having to track or store your personal information.

2.5. How long is data stored on C2?

Context 2 is completely cookieless and, therefore, there is no need to install any files in your browser and/or collect and store sensitive data. In other words, the technology does not collect and/or store your data.

2.6. Minors

Underaged users may be impacted by any advertisement that uses Context 2 technology without prior authorization from their guardians. Parents, guardians or legal representatives will be solely responsible for all acts carried out by users who are under their responsibility. As Context 2 does not store sensitive data, such as date of birth, it is not possible to identify the user’s age, and it is the responsibility of those responsible to enable or prevent minors from accessing websites or providing their personal data without their authorization, and it is not the responsibility of the Context 2 any responsibility in this regard.

2.7. Our partners

Our technology operates digital ads in display inventories through the Xandr (AppNexus) and Display & Video 360 (Google) platforms.

3. Update of privacy policies

Your knowledge is power. We encourage you to educate yourself about the technologies you use every day. Understanding online advertising and privacy practices is an important step towards becoming an informed and aware digital citizen.

3.1. Our contact

If you have any questions about our OBA compliance policy, ad technology, or privacy practices, please do not hesitate to contact us at We are always ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

3.2. Policy updates

Please note that this page may be updated regularly to reflect any changes to our ad technology and OBA guidelines. We invite you to check this page periodically to stay up to date.

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